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Bonkers Plaintiff vs. Beyonce
Highest Court District of Columbia Circuit
Year Ended 2009
Plaintiffs Mentally Unstable Individual(s)
Defendants Beyonc?
Black Entertainment Television (BET)
Lil' Wayne
Other No Other parties on file
Short Description Wacko Plaintiff claimed to be Beyonce, as well as the wife of Lil' Wayne and Jay-Z (purportedly the same person), and argued that he (a.k.a. Lil' Wayne/Jay-Z) conspired to steal her creative thoughts, lyrics, and dance moves. Plaintiff literally sued for $1 trillion in damages. The court, surprisingly, threw out Plaintiff's claim, although the court was mindful that Plaintiff was a pro se litigant that could not find a lawyer willing to take her $1 trillion case. - LSW & SKR

Legal Issues
Torts Economic Torts Civil Conspiracy

Opinions Dozier v. Bet Holdings, Inc.
2009 WL 410195
D. District of Columbia , February 18, 2009 ( No. 08-2246 (UNA) )

Dozier-Carter v. Lee
2009 WL 2256691
D. District of Columbia , July 28, 2009 ( No. 09-5056 )

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Beyonc? ( Defendant )
Black Entertainment Television (BET) ( Defendant )
Jay-Z ( Defendant )
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Mentally Unstable Individual(s) ( Plaintiff )

Legal Issues
Torts / Economic Torts / Civil Conspiracy

District of Columbia Circuit (highest court)
D. District of Columbia

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