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Atlanta Rhythm in Contract Suit
Highest Court S.D. New York
Year Ended 1981
Plaintiffs Polygram Records
Defendants Atlanta Rhythm Section
Music Producer(s)
Other No Other parties on file
Short Description Atlanta Rhythm Section (a.k.a. ARS), a southern rock band from Georgia, was sued by Polygram to prevent them from producing new records with Defendant, a production company. Polygram argued that it had timely exercised an option in its contract with ARS to extend the time frame of their exclusive services for the band. The court ruled in favor of ARS, holding that Polygram accepted the delivery of ARS's fourth and final album per the terms of the contract, demonstrating that Polygram failed to timely exercise its option. - SKR

Legal Issues
Contracts Breach Exclusivity & Restrictive/Negative Covenants
  Enforceability Termination

Opinions Polygram Records, Inc. v. Buddy Buie Productions, Inc.
520 F. Supp. 248
S.D. New York , August 21, 1981 ( No. 81 Civ. 4781 )

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Legal Issues
Contracts / Breach / Exclusivity & Restrictive/Negative Covenants
Contracts / Enforceability / Termination

S.D. New York (highest court)

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