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Jordan Knight's Bodyguard T.C.O.B.
Highest Court Court of Appeals of Georgia
Year Ended 1993
Plaintiffs Individual(s)
Defendants Band Member(s)
Other New Kids on the Block
Short Description Jordan Knight, a member of New Kids on the Block, allegedly struck and said something inappropriate to a woman at a bar. The woman asked the Plaintiff for help in resolving the situation. There was a serious difference regarding who struck first, the plaintiff or Knight's bodyguard. The appellate court reversed the judgment for Defendant, ordering a new trial, for several reasons. First, the jury instructions given by the judge concerning assumption of the risk did not apply in an intentional tort trial. The instruction might lead a jury to think there were defenses to the assault. Second, the Defendant improperly referred to the fact that the Plaintiff never filed his income taxes. Last, the court should have allowed the Plaintiff to present testimony from a person who would have testified to seeing Knight order his bodyguard to attack a person. This testimony was admissible to impeach Knight's assertion that he never ordered his bodyguard to hit anyone, let alone the Plaintiff. - JMC

Legal Issues
Civil Procedure Evidence Admissibility
Torts Affirmative Defenses Assumption of Risk
  Intentional Torts Assault & Battery

Opinions Williams v. Knight
439 S.E.2d 507
Court of Appeals of Georgia , November 19, 1993 ( No. A93A1651 )

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Legal Issues
Civil Procedure / Evidence / Admissibility
Torts / Affirmative Defenses / Assumption of Risk
Torts / Intentional Torts / Assault & Battery

Court of Appeals of Georgia (highest court)

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