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Get "Off My Grind," Says Plaintiff
Highest Court D. New Jersey
Year Ended 2010
Plaintiffs Artist(s)
Defendants A&M Records
Blige, Mary J.
EMI Music
Geffen Records
Interscope Records
Jerkins, Rodney "Darkchild"
Music Producer(s)
Music Publisher(s)
Universal Music
Other No Other parties on file
Short Description As in many similar lawsuits, Plaintiffs are unknown singer/songwriters whose song "On My Grind," was allegedly copied by Mary J. Blige and a long assortment of related parties (producers, record labels, publishers) in Blige's song "Enough Cryin'." Defendants initially sought to dismiss for improper service. The court held service was indeed improper, but granted Plaintiff an extension for proper service. Later, however, Defendants filed a motion to dismiss the complaint, stating Plaintiff insufficiently plead personal jurisdiction over Defendants. The court held that--even though Plaintiffs appeared pro se and thus are given additional leeway, as with their service of process issues--Plaintiffs had not pointed to activities by Defendant in the forum to justify jurisdiction, not even according to the somewhat-expansive "stream of commerce" theory of liability. - LSW

Legal Issues
Conflicts of Law Jurisdiction & Forum Personal Jurisdiction
Copyrights Infringement Copying & Distribution/Dissemination

Opinions Jumpp v. Jerkins
2010 Copr.L.Dec. P 29,950 / 2010 WL 2773582
D. New Jersey , July 07, 2010 ( No. 08-6268 (RBK/KMW) )

Jumpp v. Jerkins
2010 WL 715678
D. New Jersey , March 01, 2010 ( No. 08-6268 (RBK/KMW) )

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Legal Issues
Conflicts of Law / Jurisdiction & Forum / Personal Jurisdiction
Copyrights / Infringement / Copying & Distribution/Dissemination

D. New Jersey (highest court)

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