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No Name vs. Dre & Blige
Highest Court Sixth Circuit
Year Ended 2006
Plaintiffs Artist(s)
Defendants Blige, Mary J.
Dr. Dre
Kambon, Camara
Music Producer(s)
Universal Music
Universal-MCA Music
Other No Other parties on file
Short Description Plaintiffs authored a musical composition called "Party Ain't Crunk." They alleged that Mary J. Blige and her many, many collaborators (including Dr. Dre and other producers, songwriters, labels, and publishers) infringed their song in Blige's song "Family Affair." After the court dismissed the complaint as to Dr. Dre, whose contacts with Michigan were insufficient to warrant personal jurisdiction, the court held for Defendants. Not only were the songs not "substantially similar," as is required by the Copyright Act (some people surveyed found the songs "moderately similar"), but there is no evidence Defendants had access. As is common, Plaintiffs' sole allegation of access related to an unsolicited demo tape they'd dropped off at Universal's offices, which was returned to them (though it had been opened). Plaintiffs had previous access with one member of Universal's staff, but no one in any department related to new talent. The Court of Appeals affirmed the lower court's summary judgment for Defendants, agreeing with the reasoning and adding that "bare corporate receipt" of the demo tape was insufficient evidence of access. - LSW

Legal Issues
Conflicts of Law Jurisdiction & Forum Personal Jurisdiction
Copyrights Infringement Copying & Distribution/Dissemination

Opinions Jones v. Blige
81 U.S.P.Q.2d 1696 / 2006 WL 3343741
E.D. Michigan , November 17, 2006 ( No. 04-60184 )

Jones v. Blige
2006 WL 1329247
E.D. Michigan , May 16, 2006 ( No. 04-60184 )

Jones v. Blige
558 F.3d 485
Sixth Circuit , March 09, 2009 ( Nos. 07-1051, 07-1566 )

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Legal Issues
Conflicts of Law / Jurisdiction & Forum / Personal Jurisdiction
Copyrights / Infringement / Copying & Distribution/Dissemination

Sixth Circuit (highest court)
E.D. Michigan

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