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Ex-Starr Becomes Ex-Husband
Highest Court District of Columbia Court of Appeals
Year Ended 2009
Plaintiffs Spouse of Artist(s)
Defendants Band Member(s)
Other Atlantic Starr
Short Description Atlantic Starr is largely forgotten, but in the late 1970s and early 1980s, this New York-based R&B band had several sizeable hits, including the #1 pop song "Always." After their stars faded, trumpeter William Sudderth's musical stability waned, and he and his wife agreed he should leave music for the sake of their marriage. He gained some computer training, but it appears he was unable to find consistent work, and he spent much of his time maintaining properties owned by him and his wife. She was an attorney and was the main "breadwinner" in the relationship. In fact, after the couple's separation, which preceding this suit, Sudderth was "homeless, taking loans from family members to survive, and his education did not exceed high school and some computer training." The divorce court awarded Sudderth some of the couple's property, which they owned "by entirety," in lieu of alimony, and granted him half of his wife's retirement savings, which was around $12,000. Over the wife's objections, the appellate court affirmed the property division, which was appropriately equitable. However, Sudderth's award of attorneys' fees was reversed, as it wasn't based in proper authority. - LSW

Legal Issues
Family Law Marriage Divorce & Separation

Opinions Sudderth v. Sudderth
984 A.2d 1262
District of Columbia Court of Appeals , December 17, 2009 ( No. 08-FM-731 )

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Legal Issues
Family Law / Marriage / Divorce & Separation

District of Columbia Court of Appeals (highest court)

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