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Daddy Yankee Back in Court
Highest Court D. Puerto Rico
Year Ended 2011
Plaintiffs Daddy Yankee
El Cartel Records
Record Label(s)
Defendants UMG Records
Universal Music Group
Other No Other parties on file
Short Description Reggaeton mastermind, Daddy Yankee, and his associated music companies, reached a distribution deal with Universal Music, for a limited term of years. After the license term expired, Yankee's parties (Plaintiffs) informed Universal's entities (Defendants) that it had expired and ordered Defendants to cease distributing the albums subject to the license. When Defendants failed to do so, Plaintiffs brought the instant cause of action, alleging breach of contract, unjust enrichment, copyright infringement, and other claims. The court held that, regarding the albums that were properly registered with the Copyright Office, Plaintiffs' copyright claims could proceed, but that state law claims, such as unjust enrichment, were preempted to the extent they sought the same relief sought in the copyright claims. However, Plaintiffs were granted time to amend their complaint accordingly. - LSW

Legal Issues
Contracts Breach Payment & Performance
  Equitable Remedies Rescission
  Terms Construction & Interpretation
    Declaratory Judgment
Copyrights Infringement Reproduction & Distribution/Dissemination
General Affirmative Defenses Federal Preemption
  Equitable Actions Unjust Enrichment

Opinions Los Cangris, Inc. v. UMG Recordings, Inc.
2011 WL 1743193
D. Puerto Rico , April 28, 2011 ( Civil No. 10_1349 (JP) )

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Legal Issues
Contracts / Breach / Payment & Performance
Contracts / Equitable Remedies / Rescission
Contracts / Terms / Construction & Interpretation
Contracts / Terms / Declaratory Judgment
Copyrights / Infringement / Reproduction & Distribution/Dissemination
General / Affirmative Defenses / Federal Preemption
General / Equitable Actions / Unjust Enrichment

D. Puerto Rico (highest court)

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