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Reel Tight vs. Usher
Highest Court C.D. California
Year Ended 2011
Plaintiffs Songwriter(s)
Defendants Arista Records
Cox, Bryan-Michael
Dupri, Jermaine
EMI April Music
La Face Records
Music Publisher(s)
So So Def Records
Sony Music
Zomba Records
Other Reel Tight
Short Description The R&B group, Reel Tight, had a brief and dim limelight in the late 1990s, when they signed to Warren G's record label, G-Funk, an imprint of Restless Records; made guest appearances on various Warren G-related songs; and released one album in 1999. In this lawsuit, over ten years after Reel Tight's last release, one of the band's members--purportedly the band's songwriter--sued Usher, Jermaine Dupri, Bryan-Michael Cox, and numerous other music entities, alleging Usher's song "Burn" infringed the Reel Tight jam, "No More Pain." This court opinion involved the admissibility of Plaintiff's expert witness, a musicologist, who had been retained by Plaintiff on a contingency basis. In California, as in some other states, expert witnesses whose compensation is based on the outcome of the case are barred from testifying, on the grounds that their testimony is tainted by their inherent interest in the outcome of the suit. The court found this public policy rationale applicable to the instant facts, and barred Plaintiff's expert witness. - LSW

Legal Issues
Civil Procedure Evidence Admissibility
Copyrights Infringement Copying & Distribution/Dissemination

Opinions Straughter v. Raymond
2011 WL 1789987
C.D. California , May 09, 2011 ( No. CV 08_2170 CAS (CWx) )

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Legal Issues
Civil Procedure / Evidence / Admissibility
Copyrights / Infringement / Copying & Distribution/Dissemination

C.D. California (highest court)

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