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Injured Fan Sues Band
Highest Court Superior Court of Connecticut
Year Ended 2005
Plaintiffs Concert Attendee(s)
Defendants Creed
Music Manager(s)
Music Promoter(s)
Music Proprietor(s)
Radio Broadcaster(s)
Wind-Up Records
Other No Other parties on file
Short Description Plaintiff was an attendee at a Creed concert who was injured by moshing fans after the crowd's behavior apparently spiraled out of control. Plaintiff sued the promoter, venue, and individual band members for injuries inflicted by third parties at the concert, alleging that high energy music causes violent behavior and that the band not only knows this, but actively incited the crowd but failed to respond appropriately. Though the Plaintiff's cause of action was framed as a breach of Creed's duty to "anticipate" such physical activities among the audience (the band allegely actively sought its fans to behave recklessly), the court denied the band's motion for summary judgment for slightly different reasions; actions by band members could reasonably be viewed as contributory factors to the injury, and they may not have responded appropriately when the crowd's behavior became dangerous, and thus might have breached a duty of care. - LSW

Legal Issues
Torts Negligence Personal & Emotional Injury

Opinions Harlow v. Cee-It-Live, LLC
2005 WL 407853
Superior Court of Connecticut , January 10, 2005 ( No. CV000270762S )

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Legal Issues
Torts / Negligence / Personal & Emotional Injury

Superior Court of Connecticut (highest court)

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