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"The Man" vs. 2 Live Crew (I)
Highest Court Eleventh Circuit
Year Ended 1990
Plaintiffs 2 Live Crew
Luke Records
Defendants County Entity and/or Official(s)
Other No Other parties on file
Short Description A Broward County sheriff found probable cause that 2 Live Crew's third album, Nasty as They Wanna Be, was obscene, and arrested a black retailer for selling the album. The rap group sued the county for restraint and First Amendment protection, but were subsequently arrested for performing the song in a Florida nightclub. The court reversed the lower court's obscenity ruling, finding that the sheriff failed to apply the Supreme Court's obscenity standard in Miller v. California. The court was unwilling to concede that the last prong of the Miller test, which requires determination of whether a work "lacks serious artistic, scientific, literary or political value," was met in this case. - SKR & LSW

Legal Issues
Constitutional Law First Amendment Obscenity & Indecency
  Fourteenth Amendment Due Process

Opinions Luke Records, Inc. v. Navarro
960 F.2d 134
Eleventh Circuit , May 07, 1992 ( No. 90-5508 )

Skyywalker Records, Inc. v. Navarro
739 F. Supp. 578
S.D. Florida , June 06, 1990 ( No. 90-6220-CIV-JAG )

Luke Records, Inc. v. Navarro
506 U.S. 1022
Supreme Court of the United States , December 07, 1992 ( No. 92-672 )

Skyywalker Records, Inc. v. Navarro
742 F.Supp. 638
S.D. Florida , July 31, 1990 ( No. 90-6220-CIV-JAG )

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2 Live Crew ( Plaintiff )
County Entity and/or Official(s) ( Defendant )
Luke Records ( Plaintiff )

Legal Issues
Constitutional Law / First Amendment / Obscenity & Indecency
Constitutional Law / Fourteenth Amendment / Due Process

Eleventh Circuit (highest court)
S.D. Florida

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