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Deep Purple Bassist's Divorce
Highest Court Superior Court of Connecticut
Year Ended 2010
Plaintiffs Spouse of Artist(s)
Defendants Band Member(s)
Other Deep Purple
Short Description Roger Glover, is bassist and songwriter for Deep Purple, and has been twice married. These court opinions seem connected to his recent divorce from his second wife (which may not yet be completed). Particularly, Lesley Glover move to receive certain documents pertaining to Glover's business entities and related music companies, which Roger and Co. claimed were confidential. The court's opinion includes the terms of a confidentiality agreement reached between the parties, whereby Lesley would be allowed some access to the documents in exchange for a promise to retain confidentiality. The court did not include any of its own commentary or rulings, but restated the terms reached by the parties. Some info will be disclosed, but Lesley's gotta keep it on the D.L. - LSW

Legal Issues
Family Law Marriage Divorce & Separation

Opinions Glover v. Glover
2010 WL 3341591
Superior Court of Connecticut , August 03, 2010 ( No. FA074011952S )

Glover v. Glover
2010 WL 3025644
Superior Court of Connecticut , July 02, 2010 ( No. FA074011952S )

Glover v. Glover
2010 WL 1050345
Superior Court of Connecticut , February 11, 2010 ( No. FA074011952S )

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Legal Issues
Family Law / Marriage / Divorce & Separation

Superior Court of Connecticut (highest court)

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