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Fan Injured At King of Pop's Gig
Highest Court Fourth Circuit
Year Ended 1993
Plaintiffs Concert Attendee(s)
Defendants MJJ Productions
Music Promoter(s)
Music Proprietor(s)
Security Service(s)
Other No Other parties on file
Short Description Plaintiff was waiting to use the restroom at a Michael Jackson concert in Landover, Maryland, when a couple nearby had a physical altercation that resulted in Plaintiff being knocked over and injured. She received a "Smith fracture" in her right arm, and sued just about everyone involved in putting on the concert, including Jackson's corporate entity, the promoter, proprietor, et. al., alleging her injury was a direct result of Defendants' negligence. The court held for Defendants. Landowners only owe duties to exercise reasonable/ordinary care and to protect invitees from dangers either known or discoverable through reasonable care. Regarding third parties' tortious conduct (as here), landowners are held to higher standards of care only if a "special relationship" exists, as with common carriers. None of the Defendants had a reason to anticipate this behavior, and all reasonable care was taken, including the hiring of more than 200 employees to monitor events, and no "special relationship" existed. - LSW

Legal Issues
Torts Negligence Negligent Supervision, Procedures & Precautions
    Personal & Emotional Injury

Opinions Hailman v. M.J.J. Production, Inc.
1993 WL 307136
Fourth Circuit , August 05, 1993 ( No. 92-1773 )

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Legal Issues
Torts / Negligence / Negligent Supervision, Procedures & Precautions
Torts / Negligence / Personal & Emotional Injury

Fourth Circuit (highest court)

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