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Vinnie Vincent vs. Metal Edge
Highest Court Court of Appeals of Tennessee
Year Ended 2002
Plaintiffs Vincent, Vinnie
Defendants Magazine Publisher(s)
Metal Edge Magazine
Other KISS
Short Description Vinnie Vincent, a temporary guitarist for KISS during their no-make-up phase, sued "Metal Edge" magazine after his proposed ad for the special KISS edition of the magazine was rejected by Gene Simmons. He saw the magazine as a premier opportunity to advertise his new CD, and the magazine accepted his proposal initially. When Gene Simmons (of KISS) found out, he told the magazine they could not run the advertisement, and they returned Vincent's money and apologized, saying there was a conflict with KISS. Vincent, of course, sued. (He'd been kicked out twice, so he had a bit of a grudge). The court held that no contract existed between Vinnie and the magazine; the advertising personnel he'd placed his ad with had no authority to bind the magazine, and Vinnie could not reasonably have thought he did, so no apparent authority existed either. No contract breach, no breach, no Vinnie ad. - LSW

Legal Issues
Business Associations Agency Formation, Scope & Termination
Contracts Breach Repudiation

Opinions Cusano v. Sterling/McFadden Partnership
2002 WL 31319749
Court of Appeals of Tennessee , October 16, 2002 ( No. 2000-00161-COA-R3-CV )

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Legal Issues
Business Associations / Agency / Formation, Scope & Termination
Contracts / Breach / Repudiation

Court of Appeals of Tennessee (highest court)

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