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Paramedic Hurt By Durst's Goading
Highest Court Court of Appeals of Michigan
Year Ended 2004
Plaintiffs Medical Professional(s)
Defendants Business Entity of Artist(s)
Limp Bizkit
Music Promoter(s)
Music Proprietor(s)
Security Service(s)
Other No Other parties on file
Short Description In a somewhat awkward decision (in our opinion) the Michigan court of appeals held Limp Bizkit owed no duty to a paramedic who'd been intentionally kicked in the head by one of Bizkit's fans, after lead singer Fred What's-His-Name invited audience members on stage during the performance. Relying on previous decisions relating to mosh pits at heavy metal concerts (see "Rock Fans Hurt by "Sod-Throwing"), the court held the band had no duty to anticipate the intentional acts of third parties. Interestingly, Bizkit was well known for inciting riots, particularly at Woodstock '99, when their song "Break Stuff" purportedly caused the melee that likely put an end to further entries in the "Woodstock" franchise. The court here held that Bizkit's duty (as with the promoters/proprietors/etc.) is limited to expediting their response to such activities, not preventing them. Judgment for Defendants, unfortunately. - LSW

Legal Issues
Torts Economic Torts Civil Conspiracy
  Intentional Torts Assault & Battery
    Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
  Negligence Personal & Emotional Injury

Opinions Dickinson v. Bizkit
2004 WL 1459357
Court of Appeals of Michigan , June 29, 2004 ( No. 244021 )

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Legal Issues
Torts / Economic Torts / Civil Conspiracy
Torts / Intentional Torts / Assault & Battery
Torts / Intentional Torts / Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
Torts / Negligence / Personal & Emotional Injury

Court of Appeals of Michigan (highest court)

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