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Levon Helm Goes Bankrupt
Highest Court S.D. New York
Year Ended 2005
Plaintiffs Helm, Levon
Defendants No Defendants on file
Other Band
Short Description The former drummer and vocalist for the Band, Levon Helm, sought to reject a collection contract in which he owed royalty payments to a third party, an organization that helps artists collect royalties for their prior works. The company, Royalty Recovery, Inc., fought his rejection, but the court granted his request, noting that the contract was "executory," because Helm was required to perform in the recovery of owed moneys. Helm was thus allowed to reject the contract. The court noted a similar contract would not be "execuotry" if the only performance required was payment of money and not any actual action. This is not that case. - LSW & SKR

Legal Issues
Bankruptcy Chapter 11 Characterization/Distribution of Assets & Obligations
  General Chapter Conversion

Opinions In re Helm
335 B.R. 528
S.D. New York , January 09, 2006 ( No. 05-36501(CGM) )

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Legal Issues
Bankruptcy / Chapter 11 / Characterization/Distribution of Assets & Obligations
Bankruptcy / General / Chapter Conversion

S.D. New York (highest court)

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