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Manson Fan: "No Crotch Please!"
Highest Court D. Minnesota
Year Ended 2003
Plaintiffs Concert Attendee(s)
Defendants Marilyn Manson
Music Promoter(s)
Other No Other parties on file
Short Description It's always amusing how shock rock antics that seem so shocking when they occur simply sound absurd and hilarious when discussed in court opinions. This suit, perhaps more than any other, provides an example. During a concert performance, Marilyn Manson shoved his crotch repeatedly into the back of a first-row fan's head. The entire ordeal was caught on videotape, which apparently showed the fan smiling, "fist-pumping," and concluding the occurrence with a high five between the two. The fan, however, later sued for tortious conduct. In defense, Manson's camp pointed to Plaintiff's apparent approval of the behavior, as evidenced in the video. The court didn't agree, saying it was entirely possible "Plaintiff's apparent exultation during and in the wake of Manson's pelvic gyration was an attempt by Plaintiff to 'save face' in front of an enormous crowd." Thus, Manson's liability is up to the jury, says the judge. What's most disturbing is not that "the ol' crotch on the fan's head" is an actual cliche in the music industry, but that "the ol' fans want my crotch on their heads" is an actual defense musicians use. - LSW

Legal Issues
Torts Intentional Torts Assault & Battery

Opinions Diaz v. Warner
2003 WL 23335197
D. Minnesota , September 15, 2003 ( No. 01-2217 (DWF/AJB) )

Diaz v. Warner
2003 WL 1610780
D. Minnesota , March 04, 2003 ( No. Civ.01-2217(DWF/AJB) )

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Legal Issues
Torts / Intentional Torts / Assault & Battery

D. Minnesota (highest court)

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