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Local Rapper's Murder Wrap
Highest Court Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
Year Ended 2009
Plaintiffs State Prosecutor(s)
Defendants Band Member(s)
Other Plush Brothers
Short Description This is an incredibly depressing case involving the murder of an individual after an argument over who could use the basketball courts on a playground. Defendant, was a rap artist in an underground Philadelphia group called the Plush Brothers. His case is only included in this database because they're mentioned by name, and because Defendant argued that his rap lyrics, which unsurprisingly described and purportedly glorified situations precisely like the crime for which he stood trial, should not have been admitted as evidence. (Defendant offered many other arguments, and only pursued this one early on; see the issues list for some others and the opinion list for the number of appeals). Among other reasons, the court found that since Defendant presented himself as a college student and an artist he opened the door to having his artwork and writing analyzed. Furthermore, the evidence was not harmful to him, even if somewhat prejudicial. - LSW

Legal Issues
Constitutional Law First Amendment Lyrics as Evidence
Criminal Law Criminal Procedure Evidence & Hearsay
    Habeas Corpus/Petitions for Release
    Trial Formalities, Errors & Misconduct
  Homicide Murder & Manslaughter

Opinions Com. v. Ragan
598 F.Supp.2d 677
E.D. Pennsylvania , February 10, 2009 ( No. 00-2092 )

Com. v. Ragan
2008 WL 2551405
E.D. Pennsylvania , June 24, 2008 ( No. 00-2092 )

Com. v. Ragan
923 A.2d 1169
Supreme Court of Pennsylvania , May 31, 2007 ( _ )

Com. v. Ragan
2003 WL 25598153
Court of Common Pleas of Pennsylvania , September 24, 2003 ( Nos. 0141 1/1, 2616 )

Com. v. Ragan
743 A.2d 390
Supreme Court of Pennsylvania , December 22, 1999 ( _ )

Com. v. Ragan
538 Pa. 2
Supreme Court of Pennsylvania , July 29, 1994 ( _ )

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Legal Issues
Constitutional Law / First Amendment / Lyrics as Evidence
Criminal Law / Criminal Procedure / Evidence & Hearsay
Criminal Law / Criminal Procedure / Habeas Corpus/Petitions for Release
Criminal Law / Criminal Procedure / Trial Formalities, Errors & Misconduct
Criminal Law / Homicide / Murder & Manslaughter

Supreme Court of Pennsylvania (highest court)
Court of Common Pleas of Pennsylvania
E.D. Pennsylvania

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