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Bee Gee's Copy? No Way!
Highest Court Seventh Circuit
Year Ended 1984
Plaintiffs Songwriter(s)
Defendants Bee Gees
Paramount Pictures
Polygram Records
Other No Other parties on file
Short Description After seeing the movie "Saturday Night Fever," Plaintiff, a composer, sued the three brothers collectively known as the Bee Gees for copyright infringement, specifically alleging that their hit song "How Deep is Your Love" infringed on the copyright of his song "Let It End." The court affirmed the lower court's grant of the Bee Gees' motion of judgment notwithstanding the verdict, holding that Plaintiff failed to meet his burden of establishing a "striking similarity" between his song on the Bee Gees' song. ("Striking similarity" is required when Plaintiffs are unable to show Defendants had access to the copyrighted work, so "substantial similarity" is insufficient to evidence copying). - SKR (ed. LSW)

Legal Issues
Copyrights Infringement Copying & Distribution/Dissemination

Opinions Selle v. Gibb
741 F.2d 896
Seventh Circuit , July 23, 1984 ( Nos. 83-2484, 83-2545 )

Selle v. Gibb
567 F.Supp. 1173
N.D. Illinois , July 08, 1983 ( No. 78 C 3656 )

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Legal Issues
Copyrights / Infringement / Copying & Distribution/Dissemination

Seventh Circuit (highest court)
N.D. Illinois

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