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LeAnn Rimes Wants Out of Contract
Highest Court N.D. Texas
Year Ended 2001
Plaintiffs Rimes, LeAnn
Defendants Business Entity of Artist(s)
Curb Records
Other No Other parties on file
Short Description In an hilarious opinion entirely composed of rhymes matching lyrics to some of LeAnn Rimes' hit songs, with footnotes expanding the necessary facts, the court upheld a forum selection clause contained in a recording agreement she'd signed as a minor, requiring her to bring suit in Tennessee, subject to Tennessee's laws. When Rimes sought to disaffirm the contract under general rules that minors may disaffirm contracts upon reaching the age of majority, Defendant Curb Records argued she could not do so, as she had previously, through he guardian ad litem, removed her minority status for the purpose of signing the agreement. The court found no reason to invalidate the forum selection clause, and since a previous court had declared her minority status removed regarding the contract, the contract as a whole could not be summarily disaffirmed upon reaching the age of majority. If Rimes wants to contest the contract or anything in it, she must, according to the forum slection clause, do so in Tennessee. - LSW

Legal Issues
Conflicts of Law Choice of Law Forum Selection Clause
  Jurisdiction & Forum Venue
Contracts Breach Exclusivity & Restrictive/Negative Covenants
  Enforceability Declaratory Judgment
    Formation Formalities

Opinions Rimes v. Curb Records, Inc.
129 F. Supp. 2d 984
N.D. Texas , January 10, 2001 ( No. CIV. A. 300-CV-2504R )

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Legal Issues
Conflicts of Law / Choice of Law / Forum Selection Clause
Conflicts of Law / Jurisdiction & Forum / Venue
Contracts / Breach / Exclusivity & Restrictive/Negative Covenants
Contracts / Enforceability / Declaratory Judgment
Contracts / Enforceability / Formation Formalities

N.D. Texas (highest court)

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