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Early Member: "I Co-Wrote 'B.Y.O.B.!'"
Highest Court S.D. New York
Year Ended 2010
Plaintiffs Former Band Member(s)
Defendants Band Member(s)
Music Publisher(s)
Other Amen
Scars on Broadway
System of a Down
Short Description Plaintiff is a former-friend of Daron Malakian (songwriter, guitarist and occasional singer for System of a Down, and singer for the band Scars on Broadway). Plaintiff has, at various times, been associated with the band Amen and with Scars on Broadway, Malakian's side project. Plaintiff was signed to record deal with Malakian's imprint of Columbia. However, their relationship broke down over time. Plaintiff now claims that he co-wrote "B.Y.O.B," with Malakian, which became a major hit for System of a Down. Malakian granted Plaintiff a 2% interest in the song, though not apparently because he felt there was a legal obligation of any kind. The court held that Plaintiff's depiction of the songwriting process was not credible, and that his contributions (which consisted essentially of a single reference to "fascist nations") were not independently copyrightable. Malakian wrote the song with System of a Down, not Plaintiff. Plaintiff is not an owner. - LSW

Legal Issues
Copyrights Ownership Assignments, Licenses & Renewal Rights
    Declaratory Judgment
    Joint Authorship, Works-for-Hire & Derivative Creations

Opinions Maxwood Music Ltd. v. Malakian
96 U.S.P.Q.2d 1327 / 2010 WL 2653310
S.D. New York , July 01, 2010 ( No. 08 Civ. 1730 )

Maxwood Music Ltd. v. Malakian
2010 WL 2010936
S.D. New York , May 17, 2010 ( No. 08 Civ. 1730 )

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Legal Issues
Copyrights / Ownership / Assignments, Licenses & Renewal Rights
Copyrights / Ownership / Declaratory Judgment
Copyrights / Ownership / Joint Authorship, Works-for-Hire & Derivative Creations

S.D. New York (highest court)

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