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1. Chris Brown's Manager Bites
Highest Court E.D. Virginia
Year Ended 2009
Plaintiffs Music Manager(s)
Defendants Sony Music
Zomba Records
Other Brown, Chris
Short Description Plaintiff is Chris Brown's original manager, who signed a contract with Brown's mother when he was underage. Upon reaching the age of majority, Brown disaffirmed the contract and signed with Defendants, who were aware of the pre-existing contract with Plaintiff. Plaintiffs sued his new associates for interfering with the contract they'd signed with Chris Brown, that he'd since disaffirmed. The court dismissed the complaint for failure to allege facts to support a legal claim, but did not find the statute of limitations to bar the action.- LSW

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2. 50 Cent Cancels Another Concert
Highest Court E.D. Virginia
Year Ended 2007
Plaintiffs Music Promoter(s)
Defendants 50 Cent
Other Elliot, Missy
Violator Management
Short Description G*Town Entertainment, Inc., entered into a contract with Defendant,, to have 50 Cent (and Missy Elliot) perform in Gabon, Africa. Negotiations fell through, and the performance did not occur, but 50 Cent nonetheless received $150,000 in compensation per the terms of the contract. moved to compel arbitration according to the arbitration clause of the contract, but 50 Cent filed a motion to suspend arbitration. The court found that there were no issues of material fact to be disputed, granted summary judgment for the defendant, and required the parties to go forward with arbitration proceedings. - SKR & LSW

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3. Contract Issues for Bollywood Tour
Highest Court E.D. Virginia
Year Ended 2005
Plaintiffs Music Promoter(s)
Defendants Music Promoter(s)
Other Rai, Aishwarya
Roshan, Hrithik
Short Description Plaintiff and Defendant entered contract to promote "Bollywood" tours in San Francisco and the United Kingdom, featuring popular Indian celebrities Aishwarya Rai, Hrithik Roshan, and SRK. Plaintiff is an established promoter of such events on an international level, and Defendants are local promoters, hired to handle issues "on the ground," while Plaintiff, it appears, managed the events from afar. Many issues arose during the implementation of their concert tours, largely regarding Defendants insufficient monetary contributions to the project and lack of proper payments made to Plaintiffs. After Defendants pulled out of both the San Francisco and U.K. shows, Plaintiffs sued on the U.K. contracts, alleging repudiation as well as insufficient payment and performance. The court held for Plaintiffs; Defendants had certainly entered an oral contract which they materially breached. Plaintiffs were awarded over $1.5 million in damages, though not as against the Defendants individually, but only in their corporate capacity. - LSW

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