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1. Jurassic Tour Bus Accident
Highest Court California Court of Appeal
Year Ended 2004
Plaintiffs Business Entity of Artist(s)
Jurassic 5
Defendants Bus Driver(s)
Private Transporter(s)
Other No Other parties on file
Short Description Jurassic 5 leased a private bus for their upcoming tour, and the driver was hired by the band. When the bus had an accident that resulted in injuries to band, this lawsuit ensued, with the band arguing Defendant transportation company and bus driver were responsible. The Defendants argued that Plaintiffs, through their corporation, had employed the bus driver, and thus were his statutory "employer" at the time of the accident, according to the contract between them. If this were true, Plaintiffs would have no cause of action, as they would be responsible for his actions. While the court held the contract between the parties clearly made the driver the band's employee, it did not necessarily find the contract binding on the individual members themselves. Thus, the band members may have causes of action against the Defendants individually. The court reversed the lower court's judgment for Defendant on all counts. - LSW

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